Content-Language: de-DE, en-US White Lobster - Rasmus Sievers, Kameramann Berlin Cinematograper.

White Lobster

Documentary, D 2012, 10 min
Director & Writer: Dave Lalé | Producer: René Frotscher @Sunday Film | Cinematographer: Rasmus Sievers | Editor: David Wnendt

On the remote Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua, everyone’s out on the beach searching for the “White Lobster”. White Lobster is a gift from God. It’s a blessing and it’s a curse. It makes fortunes, it ruins lives. White Lobster is poison. And if you find it, all you’ll want is more.

This documentary explores the bizarre phenomenon of the White Lobster through the stories of Captain Ed, an American fisherman washed up in the outlaw town of El Bluff; Randy, who helps troubled youths and is struggling with demons of his own; and Tiger, an out-of-work seaman who once found and lost 128 kilos – and who now dreams of coming across the White Lobster again one day.