Content-Language: de-DE, en-US Terra X Schlaue Schwärme - Rasmus Sievers, Kameramann Berlin Cinematograper.

Terra X - Schlaue Schwärme

D 2023 (ZDF Terra X/ arte) - 2x 45/52min
Director: Iris Gesang | Production Manager: Kerstin Peterssen @ Spiegel TV Co- und Auftragsproduktionen | Editor: Christian Timmann

A thrilling combination of stunning wildlife behaviour, astonishing scientific insights and gripping excursions into cutting-edge technology. Smart Swarms is a rollercoaster ride that takes us into different habitats alongside exquisitely diverse organisms. High-tech labs of researchers attempt to break swarm-codes, explain strange collective behaviours and explore the possible application of swarm intelligence to the latest technological advances. The documentary is a mesmerising mix of aesthetic beauty and incredible facts that combine to delight and excite at the same time.

The complement part you can find here.