Content-Language: de-DE, en-US Russlands versteckte Paradiese - Rasmus Sievers, Kameramann Berlin Cinematograper.

Russlands versteckte Paradiese - Russia's Hidden Paradises

D 2018 (ZDF Terra X/ arte) - 45/ 52min
Directors: Iris Gesang, Kay Siering | Production: Spiegel TV Co- und Auftragsproduktionen | Editor: Christian Timmann

Russia, the largest country in the world with its diverse nature has always captivated people. There are more than 100 nature reserves, national parks and biosphere reserves between the lowlands in the west and the mountains of fire on Kamchatka in the east. Iris Gesang's documentary presents four extraordinary regions: the Curonian Spit in the west, the Ice Desert in the north, the wild Caucasus in the south and Lake Kuril on Kamchatka. Besides breath taking landscapes, numerous explanatory animations give an impression of the infinite vastness and diversity of Russia.