Quio Music Videos

Music videos 2006/ 2008, 4/5 min
Director: Christine Lang | Production Design: Maria Schöpe | Music: Quio

So Dazed: In this experimental musicvideo the singer is put to a test: A day like everyday. But suddenly something happens - the reflection of quio herself appears on the tv-screen, the water doesn’t fall downwards anymore, the cutlery falls to the ceiling... gravitation is suspended. Quio has to orientate herself in a new way and then she discovers the advantages of the new room structure. This almost „gondryesk“ video cites a kind of futuristic fifties aesthetics and is a play with space, camera and film technologies.

The narrative music video QUIO: RISING TIDE operates with strategies of hegemonic femininity. The reverse gender relations are shown as being natural, just to then tell the classical story of a gang battle. Only the weapons are rather unusual to the hiphop genre: