World premiere at DOK Leipzig

Our documentary WORK FOR ONE DAY (director: Rita Bakacs) will celebrate its world premiere in the official selection at DOK Leipzig festival. We are very delighted.

Highspeed Commercial in Stereo 3D

The post-production of the stereo 3D version of the commercial Milch im Blut (produced by Stories Unlimited) is finished! An anaglyph version can be watched online.

Award as “Best Documentary” for THE PATENT WARS at Mostra Sao Paulo

At the international film festival Mostra Sao Paulo, Brazil, our documentary feature THE PATENT WARS won the award for best documentary! We feel very honoured!

THE PATENT WARS goes Mostra Sao Paulo / Prix Europa

Our film THE PATENT WARS starts its global festival journey. In the USA, and next will be the Mostra Internacional de Cinema Sao Paulo.
Even more, the film is nominated for Prix Europa!


On Tuesday July 1st, 10.55pm, arte TV will air the feature-length documentary THE PATENT WARS for the first time. Afterwards the film will be available on-demand on for one week.
The social economic impact of the global patent system is actually a very relevant topic but has hardly found its way into public debate.

EVERYTHING WE WANT Theatrical Release

We are very happy to anounce the Germany wide theatrical release of EVERYTHING WE WANT (directed by Beatrice Möller) on March 6th 2014.

LA ÚLTIMA CALLE winner at Astra Film Festival

The documentary LA ÚLTIMA CALLE – THE LAST STREET has received an award for best documentary in the student competition at Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, Romania.

Moments of gentle poetry in an ambience that mixes at one and the same time a nostalgia for the past and a renewed desire to bring back fraternity back to life – Rasmus Sievers and Marina Monsonis have authored a documentary that is simultaneously light, authentic but also profoundly in touch with humanity.

LA ÚLTIMA CALLE in Glasgow, Poznan and Sibiu

The documentary LA ÚLTIMA CALLE – THE LAST STREET will soon be shown in several festivals: Document 10 Film Festival in Glasgow, Scotland; Astra Film Festival in Sibiu, Romania; and, in November, OFF Cinema Festival in Poznan, Poland.

Berlinale: WHITE LOBSTER receives “Honorable mention”

The documentary WHITE LOBSTER was honorably mentioned in the section BERLIN TODAY AWARD of Berlinale.

Screening of WHITE LOBSTER at Berlinale

The documentary WHITE LOBSTER will be shown in the Berlin Today Award competition 2012.

DUTCH MASTERS screened at idfa, Amsterdam

The documentary series DUTCH MASTERS OF THE 21ST CENTURY will be shown in the Panorama section of idfa film festival in Amsterdam, 2011.

Fashion Video Lookbooks online

The first of three FASHION VIDEO LOOKBOOKS can be viewed online as of now (Simon Rudolf Richter).

Wrap up: WHITE LOBSTER shooting in Nicaragua

The documentary was shot on the carribean coast of Nicaragua as part of Berlinale’s “Berlin Today Award”.


The documentary SHOSHOLOZA EXPRESS will soon premiere on TV:
arte, May 16th / 17th, 0.05 a.m.

BR, June 5th, 9.45 p.m.


SHOSHOLOZA EXPRESS has received two awards at Achtung Berlin Festival:
Best documentary in the ‘Mittellanger Film’ section, and the Award of Zitty Magazin readers’ jury.

Meanwhile ZEITRISS received its third award for best experimental film at the International Film Festival Aubagne.

ZEITRISS in Clermont-Ferrand

The short film ZEITRISS (D: Joaquim Casalprim i Suárez) continues its successful festival tour: It will be one out of eight German contributions at the renowned short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand.
It will also be shown at Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche as well as in the festivals in Aubagne, Angers, and San Sebastián.

Emilia Llorca dies

Barceloneta is mourning the loss of an extraordinary figure: Emilia Llorca died in a car crash shortly before Christmas, leaving a vacuum not only in her family, but also in her district, being one of the major fighters for social rights in local politics, and never failing to motivate and encourage others through her generous and upstanding personality. She deserves all due respect and gratitude.
Emilia Llorca was one of the protagonists in the documentary LA ÚLTIMA CALLE – THE LAST STREET.

Two awards to start festival season of ZEITRISS

The experimental short film ZEITRISS (D: Joaquim Casalprim i Suárez) received two awards shortly after its premiere in Lille. At vad Filmfestival in Girona/Spain it it was the winner of the Award of the Fundació Fita, endowed with 2000 Euros; in Madrid it was awarded “Premio Caja Madrid” for best film editing.

It will also be shown at festivals in Lausanne, Münster, Granada, Brno, Bozen, and Warsaw.

WAS BLEIBT meets great interest

A crowded auditorium was ready to hear the protagonists who had come to attend the screening of WAS BLEIBT in Berlin’s Martin-Gropius-Bau as part of the series “Topography of Terror” tell their stories once again.

Michel Gondry honours QUIO: SO DAZED

After its successful festival tour the first QUIO VIDEO now got recognition by the director who actually inspired us a lot while doing this film. Es gewann beim Babelgum Music Video Award den Grand Prize. Director and jury member Michel Gondry honoured our film by giving it the Grand Prize at Babelgum Music Video Award:

I liked the originality of the piece, which came from its composition – on multiple levels. It has some great colours and in-camera effects that really spoke to certain things that I like. Some of it was funny, some sad, and it was all executed very well – a nice balance of emotionalism and energy.

Nicaragua tour of CANTO Y DANZA

After celebrating its Berlin cinema premiere, CANTO Y DANZA will now return to locations and protagonists in Nicaragua, where the main part was shot. We are very excited to show the film and celebrate in Managua, Granada, León and Matagalpa.

Theatrical premiere of CANTO Y DANZA

The film will be screened as part of the series “New German Film” at

December 18th, 9.15 p.m.

After the premiere, the film about two Nicaraguan artists will be shown during a tour throughout Germany as well as in some Latin American film festivals.

SHOSHOLOZA EXPRESS wrapped up in South Africa

Back from weeks of shooting on the SHOSHOLOZA EXPRESS train – happy and with full disk drives. The film will be broadcast on TV during the football World Cup 2010.