Shosholoza Express

Shosholoza Express

| Best Documentary Achtung Berlin Festival 2010 |

Documentary, D 2010, 59 min | Director, Script Beatrice Möller| Cinematographer Rasmus Sievers | Editor Andreas Zitzmann | Sound Martin Jabs | Producer Lemmefilm, in co-produktion with BR/ Telepool/ arte

Everyone is equal in the new South Africa: black and white, Indian and Coloured. On a train ride aboard the Shosholoza Express, they encounter the rifts in their biographies. 20 years after the end of Apartheid, nothing is the same, but neither is anything the way it should be. As the film travels through modern metropolises, destitute townships and endless landscapes, it tells a tale of lasting resentments, inner divisions and lingering prejudices. All the passengers are on the same train, going in the same direction, but not all are in the same compartment.

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