Everything we want

Everything we want

Documentary, D 2014, 70 min | Director Beatrice Möller | Cinematography Rasmus Sievers, Beatrice Möller | Editing Robert Wellié, Andrea Schönherr | Music Eckart Gadow

Theatrical Release March 6th 2014

Where are the instructions on how to be a woman these days? Everything seems possible for the thirty-somethings tackling their lives today, as the globalized world offers a myriad of options – more than ever before. On the flip side, the certainties we used to lean on have become alarmingly shaky. Past generations’ gender roles and concepts of living are no longer valid for their daughters. Over a period of three years, director Beatrice Möller followed three of those young women on their individual search for the „right“ way to live their lives.

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